Ehsan paints to advance charity, unity and peace to a world in need. He grew into his purpose, from humble beginnings, and commits his life to it.

Ehsan was born in Sweden. He began painting  in the 3rd grade and found his voice.

After his family emigrated to the United States, Ehsan continued to paint. He found his style, still evolving, which opened doors for him to express unique messages, built over his years, travels and heritage. In Orange County, California, he was encouraged to expand his efforts.

In 2003, following frustration with a world of violence, he began his prolific visions, seeking a path to peace. In 2006 he envisioned assembling 2,000 paintings into a 1/2-acre Vision of Unity and Peace.

Ehsan has participated in and held exhibits at museums, galleries, community events and activities throughout California. In 2013, first paintings from Point of View I, were introduced at the Artist Eye Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach. By 2014, his team, painting and photography studio, were established, dedicated to the consistent capture of his 2,000 visions. In the summer of 2014, Point of View I was closed and prepared for reproduction and release, testing the equipment, processes and procedures for the later visions.

Today, Ehsan continues his journey of painting and sharing his Vision of Unity and Peace, locally, nationally and worldwide. It is a journey of intense purpose–lifelong and dedicated to laying the foundation for peace in all corners of the world.

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Painting to advance Charity, Unity and Peace to a world in need.