Point of View – December, 2014

The premier exhibit of Point-of-View can be seen HERE

Pre-orders  begin  December 1st, 2014, for select originals and their limited edition prints, posters, apparel and more.   For details please:

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Let us tell you when and where he will be; how he is progressing on the 2,000 paintings within the Vision of Unity, and what you can purchase to show your support!

Spring, 2013, found Ehsan struggling to move forward on his Vision of Unity and Peace.   It demanded attention, detail, definitions, time, expertise and a team.   There were few creative’ visions to be painted.  Remaining were primarily the  world’s flags and olive branch; the ‘peace’ to overlay the unified visions already complete.

Still in his parent’s garage, Ehsan began a new collection of work:  Point of View!  It was edgy, vibrant and diverse.  Still primarily canvas with acrylics and heavily textured,  Point of View  struck an exciting chord with art-lovers in nearby Laguna Beach.   A limited number of pieces were on display through 2013.  Additional pieces were painted in an interim, then final, studio until June 2014 when he closed Point of View I.     Photography  and reproduction efforts commenced and it was readied for both touring and archive.

In July, 2014, Point of View II commenced, showcasing various mediums, but still displaying perspectives on life!    Ehsan paints as he readies the final components of his masterpiece, Vision of Unity and Peace.   It serves to quiet his creative side, while allowing him to continue his life-long commitment to his greater humanitarian objectives.



Painting to advance Charity, Unity and Peace to a world in need.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.